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Juicing Parties

Juicing Parties with Friends Makes Wellness Social

Events where people share experiences from a similar interest have always been a great way to maximize the benefits and sustain motivational efforts of a group’s goals.  Juicing parties are no different. People can come together to focus on one of the most important aspects of their life, wellness. Juicing parties provide a great environment to not only learn the importance and benefits of juicing, but will also give the opportunity to see live demonstrations and receive recipes to share. Juicing parties bring a social aspect to wellness.

Juicing Parties in Our Studio or In Your Home

Want to share the juicing experience with friends and family and make it a great night in/out? Our team can deliver for you. Our juicing parties are not only a great way to get friends and family together, they will show you one of the healthiest and beneficial ways to take your overall wellness to a new level. Let us host a party they will never forget. Juicing parties can include:

  • Juicing overview: What, Why, How & When
  • Detailed demonstrations with a variety of tasty samples
  • Free custom juicing recipes cards to take home and share
  • Raffles & door prizes

Don’t wait. We can get your juicing parties booked right away. Once you feel and see the difference of juicing, you will never want to stop.


juicing parties

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