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Nutrition Seminars

Nutrition Seminars are a Great Way to Obtain Wellness Guidance

A nutrition seminar is by far one of the most beneficial ways to tap into your wellness. A nutrition seminar is individual or series of classes designed to teach the basics to the specifics of nutrition and wellness. Our seminars cover general topics such as intro to nutrition and wellness, all the way to very specific group related nutrition education. Understanding and experience are our goals when providing nutrition seminars and we feel confident that attendees walk away with practical and usable information to start their wellness journey.

Custom Nutrition Seminars

Our team understands that every group of people have different nutritional needs. We provide general nutrition seminars for groups looking to learn the basics as well as specific nutrition seminars for like minded groups of people or teams. Examples could be athletes, teams, weight loss and many more. Our team can also complete a specific needs analysis for your group and create a custom nutrition seminar that will provide the most benefit. all of our nutrition seminars include the following:

  • 45-60 minute nutrition presentation
  • Handout materials of topics covered
  • Quick reference recipe charts for easy integration
  • Multiple samples of nutritional meals/juices
  • Discounted Nutrition consultations/plans to attendees

Don’t wait. Our team can have you and your group learning and living your nutritional goals with our nutrition seminars. Standard classes can be booked in a weeks time and custom tailored nutritional seminars can be presented in as little as a few weeks.


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Nutrition Seminar Questions?

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Please feel free to ask our team any of your questions related to any of the nutrition seminars we can provide to you. You can call us at 951-999-3430 or you can use the form below.  Our normal business hours are 8am-7pm. We typically will reply to emails within 24 hours. All submissions are confidential and your information is never shared or sold.

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