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Product Review – The Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor

Often times in people’s lives they find themselves on the hunt for a juicer. It could be to replace a previous one or simply getting their feet wet in juicing for the first time. There are tons of options and knowing a little firsthand juicer information will help out considerably.

What is The Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor?juice

The Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor is a fancy name, but simply put, it is a juicer. A person is able to create their own fruit and vegetable juices at home in any quantity they want. The 5 speeds in the name indicates that the RPMs (rotations per minute) can be increased. This comes in handy as denser fruits and vegetables need a higher speed blade to extract the juice, and inversely, softer materials such as kale and spinach juice at a lower speed. This allows maximum juice extraction across a variety of items placed into the juicer.

What does the Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor come with out of the box?

Once you open the medium to large box from the factory, you find many pieces inside. The main body with the internal motor is the largest. You also find a metal blade bowl. This is what hooks into the body and spins separating the juice and the matter (pulp). It resembles a strainer, but is tightly and finely woven, the wholes are so small that only liquid can pass through. You will also find a cup for the juice to fall into off one side of the body, and a pulp catch tray on the other. Last item is the “Ram Rod”. This is what allows a person to push the juicing items into the blade without getting to close with their hands. A few other items include a recipe juicing book, a cleaning tool and a manual. When all put together the unit looks great and feels solid.

 How much does the Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor cost?

The Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor retails around $270.00 and up but with almost every store has it on sale for about $149.00, which is also about the price if you purchase it direct from the manufacturer.

Where can I purchase the Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor?

The Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor can be purchased at most department stores. Common stores include Macy’s, JC Penney, Nordstrom….. It can also be found at many retail stores such as Amazon and even direct from Cuisinart.

 How does the Cuisinart 5 Speed Juice Extractor stand up?

After a few months of daily use, here are some of the high and lows.

Pros: The motor and the design make it very easy to juice almost anything very fast. Operation is very simple, turn the power on, select the speed and drop your produce in. The machine, for the size, is relatively quiet, it hums along while juicing. Also, the stainless body looks great on any counter top.

Cons: The worst aspect of the machine almost outweighs all the good. This is thing (as well as most real juicers) is horrible to clean. The whole machine must be broken down after each use, and fast because the pulp left behind is so fragmented it decomposes within an hour and then you have a smell to get rid of. Each item on the body has to come apart and be washed individually. The components are dishwasher safe, but they all need a pre-rinse unless you don’t mind food pulp in your machine. Even worse is pre-cleaning the blade. It is so fine that it makes it difficult to remove all the produce particulates. Typically the breakdown and cleaning could take about 15 minutes, which arguably, is more time than juicing and drinking your juice.

Overall, it is a great product if you want to get the full benefit from produce, but you must be ready to clean. After a few months our juicer was packed up as we tried other, easier alternatives. It soon made its way back out as we still wanted the raw produce juice rather than a less liquid smoothie. We deal with the cleaning as from a wellness point of view, it is worth it.

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